LCA Tejas Series Production (SP) - 2 makes Maiden Flight

28th September 2016

LCA Tejas SP-3 Completes its First Flight from HAL Airport in Bangalore today. The Maiden Flights of SP-1 and SP-2 took place on September 1, 2014 and March 23, 2016 respectively. And, to get the Third Aircraft ready in just 6 months, LCA Division General Manager Mr. V Sridharan said: "Our team has worked on Sundays, on bandh and festival days too and we will continue to work hard."
Detailed Story and photos to follow soon. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited handed over the first two Tejas aircrafts to Indian Air Force which will make up the 'Flying Daggers' 45, the name of the first squadron of the LCA on 1st July 2016

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16 Aug 16

LCA Trainer - High Altitute Trials in Leh

The Tejas trainer is getting ready to undergo the high altitude and hot weather trials in Leh. Along with the machine, the men responsible for the activities will also get certified by the harshest weather.

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